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This limited edition amplifier is a 12,000 watt monster. It is a modern day classic, look for this one to become a legend in the future. A total of 100 amps were made, 50 for the USA and 50 for international. This is no normal amplifier, because of the power it pulls, this amp requires a severely beefed up electrical system. A few of these amps were attempted on a sub-par electrical system only to become damaged due to voltage drops. Other brands make a similar amplifier but those amps lack the upgraded components and quality parts used in this model.

Prototype 1           Scott Burnett                           California, USA

Prototype 2           Tamatoa Itchner                      Tahiti

2                            Eddie Bozo                               Ontario, Canada

7                            Dougie Schmer                        Oregon, USA

27                          Gonalo Codesal                       Buenos Aires, Argentina

29                          Andras Radvanyi                     New York, USA

30                          Girard Gagliardi                      Texas, USA

32                          Derek Scott                             Alberta, Canada

35                          Ivan Tab Valdez                       Texas, USA

36                         Girard Gagliardi                       Texas, USA

40                         Benjamin Ruber                       Hungary, Europe

51                          Stefan Svensson                      Norway

55                         Girard Gagliardi                       Texas, USA

58                          Michael de Vre                        Netherlands

64                         Girard Gagliardi                       Texas, USA

65                          Henry Eibrink                          Netherlands

68                          Michael de Vre                        Netherlands

84                          Dallas Duday                           Ontario, Canada

91                          Don Legallee                            Florida, USA

92                          Don Legallee                           Florida, USA

​100                        Stinger Australia                    Australia

Serial         Name                      Location

The One