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1988-2006                    Keith Peterson

2006-2009                  Rodin audio corp.

2009-current                AAMP of America

Phoenix gold started around 1988 by Keith Peterson as an accessories brand making wire and other accessories for mobile and home audio applications. Some of their first products included VHS tape re-winders, VHS player covers, car audio power wires, car audio interconnect cables, and other car audio installation accessories. They introduced their first line of mobile amplifiers around 1990 with the MS-250 and MS-2125. These amplifiers had circuit boards that were 24K gold plated, which helped give the company a reputation of producing high quality products. Shortly thereafter they released the MQ-430, then followed by the launch of the M series (M25) and then all other MS and M series amps were to follow.

Starting in the early 90's Phoenix Gold made some very special amps. The first limited edition amplifier (Frank Amp 'n Stein) was a result of a customer requesting that two amplifiers be put on a single heat sink. According to Larry Fredericks, once the request was made, and the project received a green light, his creative ideas started to flow. He came up with the custom design that is seen on the plexi viewing window and the color scheme.  They decided to use the MQ-430 and MS-2125 because they had about 100 left over MQ-430 boards (they were not very popular) and decided to pair it with their most popular 2 channel model.

The History of Phoenix Gold