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These should be off the shelf parts. Please contact me if any of them are wrong or if you have any other suggestions. All of these parts can be procured from or Please use these at your own risk, I am simply supplying the info, I offer no guarantee that these will resolve your issue or that the amp will not completely blow up. 

Orignal part #       Repl. part #     upgrade part #  category   Amp Models         Notes

IRFZ44               IRFZ44            IRFZ48         MOSFET     ZPA, ZX, M        IRFZ44 uses 33 ohm resistors, IRFZ48 uses 330 ohms
IRFP044              IRFP044           IRFP064        MOSFET     MS, MPS, MAC      Both use the same value gate resistors
2SA1302              2SA1943                          PNP output MS, MPS, MAC      straight replacement
2SC3281              2SC5200                          NPN output MS, MPS, MAC      straight replacement
HS216-ND             HS216-ND                         heatsink   M, MS, ZX, ZPA    pre-driver heatsink

7002                 NJU7002D          LME4972        opamp      M, MS, ZX         upgrade opamp is by texas instruments

7002                 NJU7002D          OPA2134PA      opamp      M, MS, ZX         upgrade opamp is by texas instruments
BER182-ND            BER182-ND                        thermal    M, MS             Thermal pad, smaller size, TO-220
BER178-ND            BER178-ND                        thermal    M, MS             Thermal pad, larger size,  TO-247

thermal paste        532-251                          thermal    M, MS, ZX, ZPA    Thermalcote I part no. 251 G

​capacitor            UHE1C562MHD6      UHE1C822MHD    capacitor  M, MS, ZX, ZPA    nichicon black with silver stripe, 10k operating hrs

capacitor            EEU-FC1C562L      EEU-FC1C822    capacitor  M, MS, ZX, ZPA    Panasonic navy blue with gold stripe, 5k operating hrs

Replacement parts