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The Reactor was a very special limited edition amplifier. This one is made up of a ZX450 and a ZX500 in a custom metal case with blue neon inside to highlight the design. The amplifier came in a flight case that was yellow and marked as a dangerous material. These amps were numbered up to 500 and the number was engraved on the top cover just under the Phoenix Gold logo. Many of them have formed rust over the years, which seem to match the theme of the amp.


Serial #          Owner                      Location                          Notes

Prototype 1        Johnny Duguay                Canada

18                       Richard Grant                  North Carolina, USA

26                       Wakeup                           unknown

31                        Bradley Fritz                   Michigan, USA

34                       Joe Branam                     Tennessee, USA

36                       Paul Harrison                 Canada

41                        Heinzdastier                   unknown

109                     Erick Poussart                Canada

163                     Patrick Harrington         Michigan, USA

182                     Dallas Duguay                Ontario, Canada                     Custom copper plated

186                     Marko                              unknown

193                     Tommy Taylor                 Texas, USA

204                    Art Hopfer                       Oregon, USA

222                    Terry Coleman                Washington, USA

237                     Thomas Dodd                 Virginia, USA

251                     Jason Campbell              Michigan, USA

258                    Asle Holmbakke             Norway                                     Custom painted yellow

260                    Daniel Bertelsen             Australia

277                     Asle Holmbakke             Norway

282                    Richard Jones                  New York, USA

288                    Iatseng Lei                       China

293                    Ron Blaschke                   Alabama, USA

303                    Joe Branam                      Tennessee, USA

313                    Mattia Boaro                    Italy

314                    Roland van Arenthals      Netherlands

354                   Jan-Erik                            Finland

355 (stolen)      Dean Goodridge              Washington, USA

358                    SpiritofNorway                Norway

397                    Dragan  Blom                  Holland

407                    Erick Poussart                 Canada

414                    Scott Burnett                  California, USA

430                   Richard W Robinson       Georgia, USA

436                   Christian Robbins           Pennsylvania, USA

470                    Terje Hokholt                 Norway

496                    Erick Poussart                Canada

497                    Christian Robbins           Pennsylvania, USA

???                    Nexo                                unknown

???                    Nexo                                unknown

???                    Wrennegade                   unknown