Serial number                        Owner                                 Location                                        

pre-production (polished)                  Roldy Pettit                                      Oregon, USA

0001                                                   Chaplin (Hugo)                                 Quebec, Canada

0004                                                   Chris Majeau Jessome                     Manitoba, Canada

0006                                                   Art Hopfer                                       Oregon, USA

0011                                                     Shinju                                              unknown

0013                                                    Laurent Servais                               France

0016                                                    Ahsmo                                              unknown

0017                                                     76TransAm                                     unknown

0018                                                   Rold Gold                                          unknown

0026                                                   Str3atwarrior                                   unknown

0032                                                   Christian Robbins                            Pennsylvania, USA

0033                                                   Steve Cross                                       Canada

0034                                                   ThunderDome                                   unknown

0040                                                   Michael de Vre                                 Netherlands

0041                                                    dBincognito                                     unknown

0045                                                   DirtyRed                                           unknown

0046                                                   00goobs                                           unknown

0048                                                   Marko                                               unknown

0052                                                   Christian Robbins                            Pennsylvania, USA

0053                                                   scottn29                                          unknown

0055                                                   bassman                                           unknown

0070                                                   Tamatoa Itchner                               Tahiti

0072                                                   skully                                                unknown

0079                                                   shaheen                                            unknown

0089                                                  Jesse Short                                       Canada

0091                                                   Richard W. Robinson                       Georgia, USA

0093                                                  RSDfocus                                          unknown

0100                                                   downrodeo                                        unknown

xxxx                                                     bruther                                              unknown

xxxx                                                     GX3                                                   unknown

Roadster 66

This limited edition amplifier came during a tough time for Phoenix Gold. It was the start of the rebirth of the brand, with the combination of the RSD600.1 and RSD500.4 on a single chassis. This amp has all of the power and quality needed to run a high end system. It came in a flight case, just like some of the other limited edition amps. The amplifiers are numbered out of 300, but only 100 were produced in the end.

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