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​​1300 36117 0002            Jason Rose                  Texas, USA                      Crate

1300 36117 0003            Scott Burnett              California, USA

1300 36122 0001           Dallas Duguay             Ontario, Canada                                                    

1KW3000 59                    Terry Coleman            Vancouver, Wa. USA        Crate

1KW3000 72                     Caleb Crawford           Florida, USA

1KW3000 74                     Joe Branam                 Tennessee, USA
1KW3000 82                     Jesse Short                 Ontario, Canada                Red torroids, crate
1KW3000 95                     JK                                Texas, USA                        Red torroids

1KW300098                      Dellwen Hunton          unknown                           Red torroids, crate
1KW3000 99                     JK                                Texas, USA                        Red torroids

Serial number decipher:

1300 or 1KW30: code for MS-1000

3XXXX: build date code (days since january 1, 1900)

00xx: what number it was that day

This limited edition amplifier was the combination of two MS-2250s on a single heat sink. They all had a nickel finish with MPS-2500 style endplates with the text rotated 180 degrees. While production was limited to 100 amps, it appears as if the first half were not numbered incrementally but were numbered based on manufacturing date and then the sequence from that day. It then seems as if they started numbering them from 50-100. While most of the amps had green transformer windings, it appears as if the last 20 ended up with red. Other than the more recent 'The One', this was by far the most powerful amp ever made by Phoenix Gold. Each MS-2250 is capable of producing 2400 watts, making this amp capable of right around 5000 watts, all in a class A/B amp. The current draw is close to 700 amps at full power. While those numbers can technically be achieved, thermally the amp would be damaged as there is not fan shroud for this amp like on the ms-2250.

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