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These are great examples of "Do not do this at home". Enjoy these here so you dont have to experience it in real life. If you have any more fun pictures for me to add, please email them to

There is not a lot to say about this. Who attaches hinges to the side of their amp?

Both of these pictures (above and below) are from the same amp. Notice the 3 different caps, most are the original. I guess only those two other positions leak. Also notice the awesome soldering job on that ceramic resistor..

Did someone say that the titanium elite subs were indestructible? lets change that to NEARLY indestructible.

The pictures above and below show the carnage that took place after running an amp that was not recapped. These are two different amps. OUCH!

Another burned out phoenix gold amp due to leaky caps. This one is an MQ-430 with a black heat sink.

If you look closely at the "elite" speakers, they say Polk Audio DB series. I sure hope nobody buys these "Elite" speakers that are for sale.

Bloopers/Wall of Shame

What is wrong with this picture? pretty sure that font does not match.

This amp doesnt look too bad until you realize that many of the graphics are missing. the terminals were labelled with masking tape. YIKES!

Here you can see the custom hot glue terminal for this EQ215. 

This is why the 10 and 20 farad PG caps are not recommended. They are prone to spontaneously combust.One could say this cap threw a temper Tantrum.  Luckily no '64 Impalas were harmed in making of this shame.

Someone should tell the owner that these amps dont work well as a boat anchor. Try a fosgate instead.

Nope, thats not a fuse. Try again.

More hydration issues...people, keep your amps out of the lakes please!!! If you want to speak with whales there are better ways than playing your stereo under water. Also, did PG have an issue with their printing (notice top right corner...)

Once again kids, recap your amps. This poor Son of Frank needed a donor amp to get back on the road. Nobody likes a toasty amp.