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Serial #                Name                        Location

OMP 001017                Ryan Box                             unknown

OMP001094                Brian Graham                      Oregon, USA

OMP001228                Clint McCoy                         Texas, USA

OMP001641                 Brian Graham                      Oregon, USA

OMP001689                Art Hopfer                            Oregon, USA 

OMP001693                Dallas Duguay                      Ontario, Canada

OMP001750                 Ryan Box                              unknown

OMP001796                Rusty McClintock                 Illinois, USA

OMP001848                Philray Forshee                    California, USA

OMP001851                 Jesse Short                          Canada
OMP001978                Rusty McClintock                 Illinois, USA

OMP00XXXX                Clint McCoy                         Texas, USA

This very special subwoofer was the first major design since the invention of the speaker. Rather than a conventional cone with voice coil design, this subwoofer used a centrifugal motion to generate frequencies lower than a conventional subwoofer. While this was not a conventional limited edition model, these were not made in mass and are pretty rare today. It is a mystery why this design never took off.

One issue with this design is that debris forms inside the windings of the motor structure causing major issues if regular maintenance is not performed.