12                 JK                                              Texas, USA                        yes

18                 JK                                              Texas, USA                        yes

33                 Scott Sorensen                       Indiana, USA                     no

38*               Robert Balcom                       Alberta, Canada               no

55                 Electroman_6                         Illinois, USA                       yes, gold

94                 Floyd Bishop                          Pennsylvania, USA            no

115               Joshua Van Drogo                 Illinois, USA                        yes, chrome

127               SpiritofNorway                      Norway                               yes

249               Patrick HArrington                Michigan, USA                   yes

261               Electroman_6                         Illinois, USA                       yes, gold **

262               Electroman_6                         Illinois, USA                       yes, gold **

274               Terje Hokholt                         Norway                               yes

285                Mark Shutt                             UK                                      yes

290                Steve Cross                            Canada                              yes

301                Jason Shields                         Kansas, USA                      yes

310                Wes Atherton                        Kentucky, USA                  yes

311                Wes Atherton                        Kentucky, USA                  yes

314                Patrick Harrington                Michigan, USA                  yes

331                Raybuck                                  unknown                           yes

335                JonDredd                                unknown                           yes

416                Artie Erdman                         Maryland, USA                  yes        

459                Marko                                     unknown                            yes
493                Dallas Duguay                       Ontario, Canada               yes

514                Raybuck                                  unknown                           yes

534                Patrick Harrington                Michigan, USA                   yes

562                Joe Branam                            Tennessee, USA                yes

568                Asle Holmbakken                  Norway                              yes

582                Frank LaRusso                       New York, USA                  yes

594                Epoch                                      unknown                           no

638                BigDWiz                                  North Carolina, USA         no

651                Oscar Aragon                        California, USA                  no

653                Kevin C                                    BC, Canada                       yes

656                TCOS                                       Sweden                              yes

666                 Scott Sorenson                     Indiana, USA                     no

673                 TCOS                                      Sweden                              yes

700                 Terry Coleman                     Washington, USA              yes, Franked

714                 Elias Theodorakopoulos    Australia                             no

740                 Tamatoa Itchner                 Oregon, USA                      yes

746                 Caleb Crawford                   Florida, USA                       yes

811                  Elias Theodorakopoulos   Australia                             yes

825                  Weng                                    unknown                            yes

845                  Mark Shutt                           UK                                       yes

865                  Lilviper                                  unknown                           yes

871                  Scott Burnett                       California, USA                  yes

921                  Bri                                          unknown                           yes

942                  Scott Sorensen                    Indiana, USA                      no

967                  Terry Coleman                    Washington, USA              yes

XXX                  Matt Barnes                         Texas, USA                        yes

XXX                  Vladthebad                           unknown

  * has red torroids

​** Two MS-2250 amps on one factory made custom double shroud

This limited edition amplifier is based on the MS-2125 with upgrades to double the power output. No official production numbers have been published but the data here points to 1000 units made. They came with a fan shroud, many of which seem to be missing. The amplifier itself came with a black anodized heat sink and black painted endplates. If you watch the video to the left you will see that these amps put out way more than rated, like the one tested that put out 2400+ watts at 2 ohms mono.



 Serial   Name         Location    Shroud     

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