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A fellow Phoenix Gold brother is in search of some very specific amplifiers. He needs an MPS-2500 with serial number 250387 or 250391. Please take the time to look at your amplifiers. If you have either of these amplifiers, or one with a close serial number, please contact me. This collector is willing to trade an MPS-2500 for one of these, plus a reward might be available.

-Thank you

While this web page is in no way affiliated with Phoenix Gold or AAMP, the contents have been approved by AAMP and the logo is used with permission by AAMP and Phoenix Gold. This page was created purely for fun. No profit is being made by anyone affiliated with this page. If there are any concerns over this matter please direct them to

To add an amplifier to the registry please provide the serial number, your name (as you want it on the registry), and location.

I created this page as a way to track the ownership and location of the limited edition amplifiers made by Phoenix Gold. By having access to this information we can see how popular PG amplifiers are in regions all around the world, not just the country of origin. By having all of this information in one location some manufacturing trends can be discovered, IE when the ZPA torroids went from red to green, or what that long serial number on my Octane really stands for.

I am proud to own a few limited edition amplifiers and have them registered on this page. If you feel the same, but your serial numbers are not currently registered, please feel free to send me your information including the model, serial number, your real name, and your location (state/country only). Also any notes that might make your amp unique, like if it was custom ordered in a unique color.

Please take a look around. Enjoy the pictures and information provided in the page. If you have anything to add please use the form to the right to send questions, suggestions or to add registry info.